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A technique based on the ancient Mayan understanding of the importance of the positioning of the reproductive and digestive organs.

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The Logan Method has grown out of the personal experiences of Ruth Ellen Logan to help people optimise their wellbeing.

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Logan Fertility Care Centre Belfast

In this section you’ll find fragments from my blogs and lots of different tips and facts.

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Logan Wellbeing & Medical

At Logan Wellbeing & Medical we are a team of medical fertility specialists working with men and women to improve their overall wellbeing. Our Lisburn Road location allows us to offer Maya massage across Northern Ireland as well as across the border in Southern Ireland. Our team are highly trained in Maya massage by Ruth Ellen as well as other various Logan Method massage techniques.

Our treatments can work alongside fertility treatments such as IVF treatment and has been proven to increase the chances of conception when used in correlation with other fertility treatments.

For many, perhaps most people, becoming a parent is one of life’s most natural desires and expectations.

And getting there is often just a matter of a little fun.

But with women coming under increasing pressures and stresses of everyday life, many find conceiving their longed-for child a major challenge they never thought they would have to face.

Thankfully though, the drive to nurture is strong, so strong in fact that more and more couples are finding ways to parenthood against the odds given to them by medical world.

Here at the Logan Wellbeing & Medical Centre, we support everyone who finds themselves on this journey who seeks our help.

We understand. We care. And we act with passion and compassion, and we have been delivering great success stories.

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“Our journey through infertility was an extremely difficult period in our lives. Three IVF cycles later and I felt emotionally and physically drained with little optimism of having my own child. Thankfully Ruth Ellen came into our lives and everything changed. Undergoing IVF in combination with Maya massage made the IVF experience completely different. Through regular sessions with Ruth Ellen, I was able to explore not only the physical aspects of my infertility but also the psychological barriers to becoming pregnant.

Ruth Ellen has an abundance of knowledge in the area of IVF. I found it extremely helpful and reassuring discussing the different aspects of my treatment cycle and any related concerns with her. Ruth Ellen was always generous with her time. During the 2 week period between the IVF procedure and the day of testing I found her emotional support and treatments invaluable.
With Ruth Ellen’s help and two further IVF cycles later we have two beautiful healthy boys. We will always be eternally grateful that we met Ruth Ellen. Without her help I truly believe that we would have given up on the dream of becoming parents. From both of us and our boys, thank-you!”

Julie-Anne, Belfast

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