Couples like Eleanor and Alan are more common than you think.

They are also in more pain than you know, more torment than you could imagine and their smile is often only for your benefit

This is because fertility challenge is a dark lonely existence where turmoil rips through you leaving a constant deep wound that even the slightest touch would hurt deeply.

Overwhelmed and deeply saddened, Eleanor visited me in November 2016. She was at an age where we are told as women that our chances are unlikely both with natural conception and Ivf. Eleanor had had a failed Ivf and a miscarriage and was deeply concerned that her dream of being a mummy was never going to come true.

The reason women seek out Logan Well-Being’s services is because there isn’t anything else like us. I have created a method especially for fertility due to my own harrowing devastating personal experience.

After 3 ectopic pregnancies, I felt a mere shadow of myself. I decided to become the first abdominal massage therapist in Northern Ireland in 2009. There is no one than can council like a former sufferer and survivor. We continue to be unique offering specialist medical autoimmune fertility assistance and every possible naturopathic therapeutic solution available for stress, emotional pain, medical assistance and physical wellbeing.

My own personal experience with Ivf, lead me to develop The Logan Method, a method that has helped Eleanor and many like her have their children using naturopathic therapy, coaching and counselling service. A necessary partner for Ivf and for all those suffering a multitude of complications. But also very beneficial for those who are deemed medically unexplained.

Our success rates are beyond my expectations at 92%. When I started out I wanted to help bring 100 babies. 2018 will see the conception of baby 1000 and the birth in 2019.

If you would like to see how we can help you on your journey to being a mum, then call us on 02890 687 476 or get in touch via our contact us page.