The body practically shuts down the reproductive, digestive and urinary systems so that it can send vital blood and nutrients to the areas that it feels will help when fighting the perceived stressor. There can be good stress that challenges us in positive ways so we can grow and develop and there can be types of stress that can just make you feel deflated. If you’re dealing with repeated negative stressful events or thoughts the body perceives it as a threat and the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal glands respond – the “fight or flight response”.

If whatever caused the response passes and doesn’t recur then the body goes back to its normal balanced state but if there are constant ongoing stressors or recurring stressful thoughts then the body reaches what is known as “The Resistance Phase”. Blood pressure is higher and there is water retention. The adrenal glands and circulatory system are constantly working so making further demands on your bodily systems. You can feel low in energy and start getting illnesses such as the cold or flu. Symptoms can include persistent anxiety, indigestion, loss of libido, depression, insomnia, etc.. If you cannot find a way to relieve the causes of stress then major organs can become weak and chronic illnesses can occur.

But, as I mentioned earlier, how you respond to stress can help by choosing positive thoughts, adapting how we respond to challenges/new experiences, and ensuring we take time out for ourselves to have fun, relax and rest. At Logan Wellbeing we have the following therapies that can help. Reflexology, Logan Energy Work, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Logan Abdominal Massage, Naturopathy/Nutritional advice, Counselling and The Logan Method. We at Logan Wellbeing understand that women/couples have each gone through their own unique, considerably emotional path so far and so “You are the centre of our world”. Our aim is to look after you on every level – emotionally, physically and mentally.

Our services can be used to alleviate increased levels of stress, anxiety, hormones or fear whether you wish to conceive naturally or via assisted methods of conception. It provides the strength to deal with emotional distress and is especially useful for those who have been through emotional and deep personal trauma by enabling you to come from what may be a negative emotional place into a positive one where feelings about self and others are given the opportunity to heal which is vitally important in the journey to motherhood. We genuinely understand what you are going through and with our help and compassion we’d like to guide you on every level.