Success Rates at the Logan Wellbeing Care Centre

We opened the door to Logan wellbeing in June 2009 and are very proud of the excellent success rates we have achieved. In Northern Ireland the average success rate for assisted fertility across the private and NHS spectrum, reported by the HFEA was 35%.                  .
Here our figures are more promising:
•    Under our care women undergoing assisted fertility such as IVF or ICSI are experiencing a success rate of 82% after combining complementary care at Logan Wellbeing.  This figure jumps to 92% when treating both partners.
•    Women undergoing assisted fertility such as IVF or ICSI, who combine Logan Wellbeing methods and Reviv treatments are experiencing success rates of 89%.
•    Our natural conception rates even higher, sitting at 78%, using no medical intervention and relying instead on combined therapies and care from Logan wellebing. Those who combined there programme with Reviv seen an even greater increase in success with 84%.
We are huge supporters of assisted fertility and we believe the complementary therapies we offer boost the chances of success substantially.
For those who don’t want to or cannot undergo assisted fertility, we offer an alternative with success rates that are proving very promising.