Ruth Ellen’s maya moments of clarity 

Now fully trained, Ruth Ellen was able to offer Maya Massage to clients who were struggling with their own fertility issues.

She worked on herself before, during and after her successful second IVF cycle, visualising her baby, being pregnant, holding her baby in her arms, and she massaged herself the way she was taught in America.

Ruth Ellen said: “I felt upbeat but a little nervous going for my second IVF cycle and the dreaded two-week wait to find out whether I was pregnant or not  – I’m no different to anyone one else, it was excruciating.”

“The whole process can be traumatic and that’s where the Maya approach is so fantastic. I think many of the women that come to me are a little anxious about what Maya Massage may entail because they’re not familiar with it. They’ve had a rough time already and have looked up Maya on the internet and learned a bit about it.”

“And at this stage of the journey women are normally at their wits end, exhausted, tearful, fearful, frustrated and often feeling beaten by this invisible enemy. They are sometimes angry and resentful, and very emotional – I know I was at times at the beginning of my fertility struggle.”

“Then of course many women are also surrounded by multitudes of people who simply don’t understand and often make the most ridiculous comments in a bid to help to cheer you up. Inevitably, they just cause more upset and anxiety.”

“I understand. I’ve been there and I’ve come through it and my gratitude for finding Maya massage is being able to help other women on this rocky road, helping smooth it out for them and aim for success.”